Monday, January 3, 2011

What I Will Miss About Living in Madrid

I’m going to miss living near my family. It’s been great being seeing my parents weekly instead of twice a year. Ricky loves to go to their house so much too. He has toys there, a routine, adventures. For example, he went down by the river in Guadalajara with them today, to ride his bike. I will miss my sister too, who lives only a few minutes away.

I'm going to miss the friends we have made in Spain.  It's so hard to meet good people in a new place. It's even harder to leave them once you've found them.

I’m going to miss the museums. At least once a week, we go to see an exhibit here or there. In the last two months, we’ve seen Renoir at the Prado, Impressionist Gardens at the Thyssen, an exhibit about Alexander the Great at the Fundacion Canal, Made in USA: American Art from the Phillips Collection at Mapfre Recoletos and On&On, a show about ephemeral art at Casa Encendida, among other things. I love all the cultural offerings of Madrid.

I’m going to miss the fish stands here. You can buy amazing, fresh fish here, everywhere. We’ve gotten spoiled with the fish variety and quality.

I’m going to miss the public transportation. Madrid has the third largest metro system in the world and it goes everywhere within the city, including the airport. The Madrid metro is cheap, it’s clean and the trains come all the time. Buses are pretty good too. After more than a decade in Los Angeles, where we drove all the time, for all needs, this is a nice change. We don’t have a car and you don’t need it to get around town.
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  1. You've got to be experiencing a whirlwind of emotions!

  2. Yes, it's a strange feeling to move away from Madrid after wanting to move here for so long.