Thursday, January 6, 2011

Move Update #5

Yesterday was rough. At 9:30 in the morning, the sofa bed left. Then we packed and threw away and ran around. I called to have the phone and internet disconnected. We loaded the rental car and took a trip to Guadalajara to bring stuff to my parents' house, and we had lunch with them. Then we drove back to Madrid.

We continued sorting and deciding. Our bed went to my sister's house. Two movers came, who had been recommended. They were unfriendly and unhelpful. They decided to completely dissassemble the bed frame, which is an IKEA Mandal (it looks like a box with two drawers on each side). I told them we would not be able to put it back together and they said they would help. Once they arrived at my sister's they dropped everything (tiny pieces of wood and a bunch of screws) and they did not help at all. It looked like they had cleaned the back of the truck with the mattress, too.

We went to my sister's and Bryan put the bed together. Back to our place, it took seven more trips (two-people trips) to the car to load what was left in the apartment. We drove to my parents' and arrived here at midnight. We did not have the strength to fully unload the car.

Now we're off to Madrid to check on how the cleaning lady did, and to pay her. I will also touch up some spots on the wall, with pink paint.
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  1. Ack. No fun at all. Keep your eyes on the prize-- soon you'll have left it all behind and be on teh road!

  2. I hate movers! They are mostly all like that!

  3. Moving is always an adventure. Can't wait to be on the road!