Sunday, January 2, 2011

Move Update #3: Progress, Progress, Progress

New Year's Day was not taken as slowly as I might have liked, but there was the compensation of actually getting some work done on the apartment.  The day started poorly, as Ana was not feeling well.  We were supposed to have lunch with her parents, but now she was not going.  I loaded two suitcases into the car, added a little stool, Ricky's scooter, and a box of plants, and went off with Ricky. 

Ricky loves spending time with his grandparents.  He is in a special place when he is there, where the normal rules don't exactly apply.  The other day, while we were there, he said he wanted a second helping of ice cream.  When I told him he had eaten enough ice cream, he told me that his grandma always lets him have more ice cream, and he intended to have more ice cream.  At that moment she came up and asked if he wanted more ice cream.  The rules are different there, and he understands that.

Ana's mother made raviolis - she is from an Italian family and she makes homemade pasta several times a month - stuffed with ham and chard.  It was very good.  We talked about their upcoming trip to the southern part of Argentina, and then I put the suitcases away on some shelves.  Ana's father gave me paint so that we can give the apartment a farewell coat once we get it emptied, and I went back to Madrid, where Ana was feeling a bit better.

Then I attacked Ricky's room.  We have been leaving Ricky's room mostly alone in the packing process, trying to minimize the disorientation he feels.  Now, though, he is out, likely not to return to the apartment.  I took on his desk, a large piece of furniture which was stuffed with his various treasures.  I went through it with a big box for garbage next to me, and nearly filled it with stuff before the desk was emptied.  Then I took the desk outside to the trash.  I don't mind getting rid of my own stuff at all, because I have learned that I don't miss many things once they're gone.  Getting rid of Ricky's stuff was harder, because I was nagged by the knowledge that he would definitely not want to see his stuff getting thrown out (even though most of the stuff we are talking about consists of things like empty egg cartons and old toilet paper rolls, plus various papers he has found and saved).  So I felt like a mean old Daddy.  But his room is looking good!  It'll be empty today, I hope!

In the evening, we had two people coming to look at our furniture.  The guy who was coming to look at the table and chairs arrived prepared, with a large van.  He came up, took five minutes to look it over, and bought it.  He took the legs off, and I helped him carry everything into the van, and he was gone.  It was great.  Now we have a big open spot in the living room, and it feels like we're actually going to be done with this place soon.  The guy who came to look at the couch was not serious.  He had no idea how he was going to move it, he wasn't sure he liked it, since it wasn't new.  He left without saying yes or no, but I doubt we'll be hearing from him again. 

And now, another day of transition!


  1. Me encanta saber algo respecto de mis queridos tios Irene y Mario!! No sabia que se preparaban los tradicionales ravioles tan seguido. Mis padres a lo sumo una vez al año. Y en casa tambien. Nadie tiene tiempo de nada, pero cuando finalmente estan en la mesa, son un exito!!

  2. Ani, mi mama hace ravioles solo un par de veces al año, pero hace ñoquis mas seguido (casi todos los meses), y hace tallarines cada tanto. Que rica la pasta casera, no? :)