Friday, January 7, 2011

Itinerary Recap #1: Off to Morocco on Monday!

Departure scheduled for Monday! First we’re going to Morocco for a week, then to Egypt (southern archaeological sites) for another week, then to South Africa for three weeks. After that, we’re going back to Egypt, where we’re spending three days in Cairo.

Beyond that, we have not bought tickets. Likely, we’re going to fly from Cairo to Cyprus, and stay there for a week or two. After that, we’ll fly to Kuala Lumpur. We’ll stay in Southeast Asia for a month or two at the very least. We’ll visit Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Laos and Cambodia, and maybe other places.

Our idea right now is that, if we find affordable tickets sometime in the spring, we will fly back to Spain for a couple of weeks to see my family and to rest a little. Ricky will miss my parents a lot since he spends so much time with them here in Spain. So in three months or so, we’ll likely fly back here. Then we would resume our trip, possibly flying back to some airport in Asia and then making our way to Australia with low-cost carrier tickets.

You can see more details about our plans for Morocco, Egypt and South Africa in these earlier posts:


  1. Ok, I know from my trip to pick up Charlie that some countries you cannot get to blogspot. Like Ethiopia for example, has blogspot blocked completely.

    So, my advice, since we need frequent updates, is to go to the blogspot help page and set up an email posting "capability". That way you can send a blog entry to your email and it will automatically be posted on blogspot. It's easy, you just need a password.

    Because I'm hooked now. And you never know in these countries when you're going to be able to access blogspot blogs.

  2. We're setting up our own website, so we don't need to depend on blogger. There will be a link from blogger to the website. Hopefully, we will roll that out this weekend before we leave.

    But still it is good advice to enable e-mail posts. Thanks, Mika!