Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Move Update #4

The sofa bed appears to be sold! Tomorrow at 9:30 am, the same guy who came to see it the other day is coming with a moving van and crew to take it. I’ve spoken so many times on the phone to this man: he’s like an old friend. There were many others interested in the sofa bed: a soft-spoken guy, who bought a weekend house in Cuenca and needs to furnish it, a friendly woman named Esperanza who is ready to come see it if the guy who is supposed to come tomorrow does not.

Then tomorrow afternoon, at around 6:00 pm, some other movers will take the bed to my sister’s house. Ricky’s bed broke while pulling it apart, so we left it on the curb and in the morning all the pieces were gone.

I emptied our bathroom. The other bathroom has very little in it. Our room is nearly done. We have our three carry-on backpacks sitting in a corner, nearly all packed.

The living room has a few scattered piles, including a few things of Ricky’s, which we have to decide what to do with.

Bryan painted Ricky’s room yesterday. It looks better than when we moved in.

The kitchen is still pretty full. We will work on that this afternoon. My dream is to finish today with most of it, so tomorrow won’t be so strenuous. Tomorrow, the furniture will be gone and I can spot-fix the little stains on the wall of the living room (I have the paint for it already). Tomorrow we will sleep at my parents’ in Guadalajara and then come back in the morning because a cleaning woman is mopping and cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen so we don’t have to.

Tomorrow, I hope I have time to call to cancel the gas, electricity, telephone, water.

Morocco, here we come!
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  1. Ana - WOW, WOW, WOW! I am in complete awe of the adventure that lies ahead for you & your family. So happy that you commented on my blog, and that I've now discovered yours! Good luck & bon voyage! Do you have an official leaving date?!

    Where will you be in Morocco? My cousin has studied there and perhaps she could give recommendations.

  2. Ellen, thank you for dropping by! We're leaving Monday, January 10th -- yes, in less than one week! :) We're going to Marrakesh and a few other places in Morocco, you can see the full plan for Morocco here:


    Any suggestions are great! We'd love your insight as we travel the world.

  3. Ana, please feel free to use our place as a resting point/mail stop/contact if you need one during your adventure!

    I am so excited for you all- are you sure you can't carry one more suitcase packed with me in it?

  4. Thank you, Anna! I will let you know if we need anything.

    Can you fit into a carry-on bag?