Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010: The Year That Was, In Food

Pizza We Make

Cocido at La Vegana, Madrid

Roscon de Reyes

Our Key Lime Pie

Chocolate Block at De Witte Uyl, Amsterdam

De Kas, Amsterdam

Our Homemade Bagels

A Fabrica de Vilanova, Allariz, Spain

Pulpo at Espazo Enxebre, San Sebastian de Los Reyes, Spain

Horchata in Valencia, Spain

Tea at London Review Bookshop Cafe

Fresh Mint Tea at De Kas

The Anchor & Hope Pub, London

Anchor & Hope, afterward

Oatmeal and Coffee at Hillard, London

Eggs Florentine at The Table, London

Amazing Gin, from London

The Allotment in Devon, UK

Potatoes, Devon, UK

Afternoon Tea in Devon, UK

Part of An Evening's Work in Bideford.

Eel and Potato Stew at La Primitiva, near Valencia, Spain

Tea at Broomhill Gardens, Devon, UK

Coffee Over an Open Fire, North Devon

Homemade Courgette Cake

Ricky's Birthday Cake (Made By Nonna)

The Unbirthday Cake

Mate at Lau's

Olives at Casa Santoña, Madrid

El Cranc, Altea, Spain

Peña Bermeja in Brihuega, Spain

Grits and Groceries, Belton SC

Great Spanish Beer


Birthday Cake for my mom

Highland Bakery, Atlanta

Silver Skillet, Atlanta

Burgers at Jill's House



Coffee, Chez Jesse


Chocolat, Madrid

Abu's Birthday

Just Add Milk

Pulpo, At Home

Fran's Birthday Cake

Fran's Birthday Lunch

Cafe con Leche at La Libre, Madrid


  1. Oh man, now I'm seriously hungry. Everything, with the exception of the octopus perhaps, looks delicious!

  2. I get hungry looking at these pictures too! Octopus is one of Ricky's favorite foods, can you believe it?

  3. El pulpo es favorito de toda la vida de Rafa. Ahora es tambien favorito de Agus y Matilda!! Solo que aca es tan tan caro que es solo caprichito dos o tres veces al año!!

  4. A mi me encanta el pulpo, y a Bryan y a Ricky tambien! Aca no es caro, sobre todo si lo comes en casa. Me encantaria que pudieramos ir todos juntos a Galicia (uds cinco y nosotros tres) a comer pulpo y mas cosas por el estilo. Besos y feliz 2011 para todos!