Thursday, December 30, 2010

Move Update #2

Accomplishments of the day:

• We brought Ricky to my parents’ house, giving us more freedom to pack and discard stuff as needed.

• We brought the following to my parents’: a cardboard box full of plants, a bag with odd and ends to return, Ricky’s cash register (so he can play with it there), one shelf, one box of books. The idea is to make room in my room/guest room so the books can be left there.

• We emptied our closet and finished packing two suitcases full of clothing (which will stay with my parents).

• I exchanged e-mails with two Italian men (who I don’t believe know each other) about the sofa bed we’re selling.

• I re-listed the stroller on a different site and listed a car seat.

• Bryan disassembled our coffee table, which belongs to my sister and is going to my parents’ house.

• A set of weights and a planter were taken out of our room.

• A bag of clothing we are donating is full now and has to be taken to the box down the street.

The fun continues.

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